Meeting in the Republic of San Marino

23.09.2022 - 27.09.2022


27/09/2022 : Meeting at the Government Palace with audience with the Excellencies of the Captains-Regent Oscar Mina and Paolo Rondelli.


26/09/2022 : Lunch in La Loggia Board Meeting FUECH in Hotel Titano (Salla Rossa) Gala dinner with ACOSMA members in Hotel Titano.

25/09/2022 : Messe in Basilica del Santo Lunch in Antica Trattoria Jole Visit State Museum & Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery Diner in Hotel Cesare.

24/09/22 : Walking city center Lunch in La Spingarda Visit Titanis Museum Diner in Ristorante Righi.


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