Virtual Extraordinary General Assembly

dd. 26 February 2021


Again because of the pandemic, this Extraordinary General Assembly was organized as a Visio conference.

 During this virtual Extraordinary General Assembly, the most important point was the approval of the financial reports of 2019 and 2020 and the election of the new Managing Board, composed as followed:

President: Baron Haus (Jean Jacques), Belgium
1st Vice-President: Professor Dr. Wolfram Scharff, Germany
Vice-President: Mr. Andreas Huber, Romania
General Secretary: Ms. Karin van Rooyen-Winkelman, the Netherlands
Grand Treasurer: Dr. Med. Raoul Kaüffler, Austria
Finance Controller: Mr. Reinier Russell, the Netherlands
Administrator: Mr. Leopoldo Lopez-Manes, Spain
Administrator: Dr. marc Aicardi de Saint-Paul, France
Administrator: Mag. Dr. Peter Freissler, Austria

The new President, Baron Haus, hopes that the next General Assembly of F.U.E.C.H. can take place in October 2021 in Bruges (Belgium), with the visit of the seaport of Sea Bruges, together with the General Assembly and Gala diner of the Belgian Consular Union, of course with the permission of the competent Authorities.

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